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Detective Services In Mumbai

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Indian sleuth provides detective services in mumbai.We are private detective agency based from Mumbai which focuses on investigating your case to its roots. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with some solid background such as RAW, The Indian Police, CBI and ex military men. This investigation agency consists of men and women who are trained in the aforementioned services or have greater intellects and puzzle solving abilities than any other beings. We prefer people who have worked under organizations where confidentiality is the key and a daily hunt like a spy agency. Coming to the privacy of your identity and the confidentiality of your case, we at Indian sleuth take up every case extremely seriously. We use technologies that are highly encrypted and used only by a handful of skilled professionals. No layman can come over and access your details or your cases credentials. There is a solid reason as to why we are one of the best detective agency in the Mumbai.


Office No-3, Sun Grace Tower

Kanakia Nagar, Mira Road East,

Near Kanakia Police Station

Thane, Mumbai 401107

Contact Number - 9673773388 

Email id-



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